The return of the king

A new version of King’s Quest is coming in 2015 . . . for the PS3 and PS4? What the hell?

My thoughts, in the order they came to me: First, the game studio Sierra has been resurrected and is making games again? Second, this adventure game franchise has been dead for like 15 years now. There are avid gamers of voting age who have never heard of these games. Third, all previous game are indelibly linked to the PC and it would be odd to play them with a controller. Fourth, I’m getting the awful impression from the trailer that this new game will be full of Quick Time Events – i.e., flashing prompts will show up on screen telling you to press up, press down, press R2, and do the hokey pokey, and god help you if you screw up because you’ll have to start all over again.

Boy, I’m just full of positive energy, aren’t I? I’ll allow that this might turn out to be a fun game, but unless it gets near-universally good word of mouth then I’ll probably never play it.

What particularly sucks for me is that apparently Telltale Entertainment, makers of The Walking Dead game, were in the midst of developing their own take on King’s Quest when they had to drop it and make way for this one. Ah, what might have been.

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