It’s alive

Ok, done. Site looks pretty boss in mobile now. Also, congrats to everyone on not dying on the 21st. Here’s hoping we continue this streak to next year!

Ecce homo

I am just now testing what my site looks like on a mobile device and unfortunately it looks like utter shit. I suck large for this oversight. Mea culpa. Expect fixings posthaste.

I exist

So I let expire in an extended bout of laziness last November. Then when I tried to get the domain back I discovered some Godaddy squatters had taken it for some reason – it can’t have been for any expectations of profit, there wasn’t enough traffic for that.

Obviously, I have registered instead. I actually thought of making that my original domain but .com was like three dollars cheaper. Whatever, this is what I’ve got now. I’ve finished importing all of my old posts to this new site so it’s good to go, or rather, it’s good enough. I still need to tweak a few things, especially with the tags but that’s mostly for the back-end.

Enjoy, you anonymous millions.

Work in Progress

Please note that I’m still setting up the website, I’ve imported most of my previous stuff but this blog still needs work. More to come anon.

Wherefore art thou

Fun Elizabethan fact: “wherefore” means “why”. So when Juliet asks, “wherefore art thou Romeo?” she means “Romeo, why are you Romeo?” To explain more clearly, Juliet is asking why her beloved is Romeo, i.e., a member of her family’s sworn enemies. It’s obviously a rhetorical question, since it’s not a question anyone can answer. “Wherefore” thus does not mean “where”, and it is incorrect for someone to use it in that manner. This piece of trivia about Early Modern English is brought to you by my sense of responsibility about not updating in too long.

There’s an explanation behind my absence. To sum up my situation succinctly: I have a new job, it’s got crazy hours, but the pay is pretty damn good. I barely have time for anything else now, though, and my scarce downtime is mostly taken up by decompressing. I’ll still be keeping my hand in, but I won’t be as visible online as I used to be.

That is all. Carry on with your normal routine.

Why Sarapen?

Okay, so let’s just get this out of the way: Bulgarians, I am not connected to the Sara Pen store that apparently sells fashion accessories. As for the rest of you, I have not read Lonely Werewolf Girl nor have I named my blog after one of the characters. You people are skewing my Google Analytics numbers. Not that I mind getting more visitors, but I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re being gypped.

The blog itself is named after a Filipino children’s rhyming chant that goes like this:

Penpen de sarapen
de kutsilyo de almasen.
Haw haw de carabao

Sayang pula, walang pera.
Sayang puti, walang salapi.

Sipit namimilipit
Gintong Pilak
Sa tabi ng DAGAT!

At least that’s how the version I learned as a child goes, apparently there are minor variations. For a translation and further explanation, go here.

There, now you know the secret behind this blog.

Mine at last

Magus Triumphant! Magus, blazing with power, raises the Infinity Gauntlet as Dr. Doom recoils in defeat.

Finally, all of the posts and comments from Sarapen II have been imported here. At last, my blog is whole once again. None shall stand before me!

Or not. Say, does anyone out there remember the Infinity War crossover mini-series from the 1980s? No? It was pretty fun as long as you checked your brain at the door. Man, check out how wordy comics were back then. Like a third of the picture is nothing but words, almost all of them unnecessary. Purple dude gets a magic glove, how many words does it take to describe that?

Magus there used to have a totally sweet afro, though, instead of that chasen-gami samurai topknot he has in the pic. And damn if he isn’t afraid of rocking the codpiece and the hot pants. Now that’s a man who deserves to be ruler of the universe. If you’re too much of a wussy to even wear short shorts in public, how could you be trusted to wield the Infinity Gauntlet responsibly?

New from Sarapen

New in the sense that it’s new to this blog – by which I mean that I’ve just imported the posts and comments from the first iteration of Sarapen (go to 2006 in the Archives to see the imports or to Sarapen I on the toolbar above to see the original). I still have to fix some of the pictures, though I’m honestly too lazy to bother with the categories and the tags. I think I might have to manually import the stuff from Sarapen II, seeing as how it only exists on the Internet Archive now. I’m definitely not looking forward to that. Ah well, there’s nothing for it but to do it.

Third time’s the charm

I really did want to be with you, but I left because I'd suddenly remembered I had an appointment to interview a famous king of the hoboes.

Well, here I am blogging again. It’s been years since I’ve done any blogging, but like the man said, the king of the hobos wasn’t going to interview himself. For a while now, though, I’ve been itching to get back on that blogging horse, so what the hey. I’ll see about getting my old blog posts transferred here, too.