A woman in a pink bunny suit smoking in front of a nuclear power plant.
Ceci n’est pas une photo du blogeur.

Sarapen was originally a research blog for my Master’s work on online communities. Then it morphed into a personal blog about whatever caught my fancy. Its current incarnation continues in that vein. Behold, surfers, the awesome majesty of my mind.

Why Sarapen?

Briefly, the name “Sarapen” is from a Filipino children’s rhyme I used to chant as a youngster. I know it’s also the name of a character from the book Lonely Werewolf Girl. I have never read that book, the name is a coincidence. I also know there’s some Eastern European jewellery store named Sara Pen. I am also not connected to that store.

For more on the children’s rhyme, including the translation, see this post¬†and this one.