Trigger warning

Three episodes in and I’ve had to admit that the protagonist of World Trigger really, really annoys the shit out of me.

First, he keeps repeating the exact same thing people tell him: “The difference in Trigger abilities is because of a difference in the Trion gland.” “A difference in the Trion gland?” Yes, Osamu, that’s exactly what he just said, why are you telling him what he told you just now? The main character repeats what others tell him so often that I have to wonder if he’s slow-witted in some way.

It doesn’t help that he keeps entering into monologues where he reasons out things that the audience figured out like two minutes ago. I know that he’s probably thinking all these thoughts instantaneously, but I like to imagine that the protagonist spends several minutes at a time staring off into space, brow furrowed in concentration, while around him people are shifting uncomfortably, too embarrassed to spell things out for him.

Also, the protagonist has this weird idealized version of Japanese society and he keeps throwing hissy fits insisting in the rightness of his perspective, all while he keeps getting reminded that things don’t actually work the way he says they do. Come to think of it, he kind of reminds me of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory in that regard, except that he’s apparently a lot dumber.

Oh well, three episodes is more than fair for evaluating a show. Guess this is goodbye, World Trigger. I’m going to see other anime, you just keep on with what you were doing.

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