Internet, do something!

I demand amusement.  Hop on one foot, punch yourself in the stomach, sing, do anything at all, but don’t let me get bored.  You know what’s more horrible than procrastinating and knowing even as you’re doing it that you’re steadily screwing yourself?  Trying to procrastinate and not having anything to do.  Woe and worry, sorrow and lamentation, fallen, fallen is Babylon the great.

Off to Youtube I go.

And for any new people who have just stumbled on this blog (all two of you): don’t worry, I don’t whine all the time, I’m just full of self-pity right now.  I promise to stop feeling sorry for myself sometime after I get my PhD.

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  1. But it was all going so well when you wrote the previous post! That’s exactly how the writing process is, though – I was in a fantastic mood yesterday: I had finished something that was quite hard to do, and everything felt like it was going really well. Today… not so much…
    I do feel, though, that there are moments in my writing process – generally, for me, when I’ve set up a problem in a reasonably clear way, but haven’t quite figured out how to get “in” to it in my writing – when doing some scattered things in a state of distraction is actually part of my writing process (that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it… ;-P). Seriously: I seem not to be able to do all of my writing on a conscious level – there are moments when it’s like I need to pass things off to a nonconscious process, which then at some point hands me a nice eureka moment, and my conscious brain can take over again… It’s a bit like taking dictation… ;-P
    (I’ve probably just convinced you and everyone else who reads this blog that I am absolutely insane…)

  2. Ha, I hadn’t even realized it, but there was quite a drastic swing in mood wasn’t there?
    Well, I was feeling snippy last night because my regular tv shows were preempted by Christmas specials. It’s embarrassing that I was getting out of sorts over that, but dammit, I have a Monday night schedule I wanted to keep. Perhaps consistency is the hobgobling of small minds, but all I wanted was a predictable evening with a proper entertainment:work ratio. And whose Monday nights are exciting, anyway?
    I was so annoyed at having to watch backup shows that I couldn’t even properly detach my brain, and then I couldn’t properly work later. Oh well, this break was long enough, back to the salt mines with me.

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