In case anyone was interested

Here is the abstract of the paper I will present at the CASCA/AES conference at the University of Toronto in twenty-three hours and seventeen minutes:

The World Wide Diasporic Web: Blogging and its Role in the Experience of Transnationalism Among Filipinos Online

Transnationalism is the condition of being socially present in more than one country, while transnational migrants are those people whose everyday lives simultaneously unfold across borders.  But what is the role of the Internet–that so-called borderless space–in the experience of transnationalism among diasporic people?  Specifically, how is transnationalism experienced by Filipinos in global diaspora in the context of the new medium of weblogs, also known as blogs?  And is there such a thing as a transnational imagined community of Filipino bloggers?

I’m in the first day (yay!) of the second session (boo!) in the last slot (double boo!) before lunch (where’s my gun?).  It’s possible I’ll collapse from protein deprivation before my turn comes up.  But seriously, I need protein so bad I occasionally get headaches if I don’t get some on schedule.  Maybe I should smuggle in a burger to eat in between sessions?  Or perhaps I can bring a tub of popcorn to eat while I listen to the other presenters.

And guess what, the Comaroffs are giving the plenary talk.  Utter coolness.  Maybe I should ask them to sign my chest?  I hope my friend brings his digital recorder, I’m so totally getting a copy from him.  I wonder if I can post the recording for download or if there’s too much legal whatsit to consider.  I’ll have to ask.

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  1. Hi,
    Just ran into your blog, don’t ask me how because I don’t know anymore. I think it was looking for “1.5 generation” as I only heard of the term lately. Anyway, just thought I’d say kudos on the cool blogging so far, and good luck on the thesis. I’m also a 1.5er from Winnipeg doing graduate studies, so I understand your pains! Don’t have time to read through all your blogs (there are so many entries!) but what I’ve skimmed through have been quite entertaining, thanks! Good luck on the Master’s.

  2. Cool to hear from another 1.5er, Sarah. Hope you stick around, I’ve just gotten back from CASCA and there were a whole bunch of panels there that really fired up my thinking. More will come very soon.

  3. Oh, it was smashing, it was good to see the rest of my grad student cohort again. Plus there was that intellectual stuff in between all our gossiping. Actually, I really should write up my post-conference impressions before I forget too much but I’m still dealing with the aftermath of the conference itself (expense claim forms and organizing emails of people networked with and all that).

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