How to watch Bleach without dying of boredom

From the hero named zansabarshadow:

Guide to watching Bleach without the pointless filler:

Main Arc 1: Soul Society Arc
Watch episodes 1-32
Skip 33
Pick up at 34-49
Skip 50
Pick up at 51-63
Skip Bount Filler Arc

Main Arc 2: Hueco Mundo Arc
Pick up at 110-127
Skip 128-137
Pick up at 138-167
Skip Captain Shūsuke Amagai Filler Arc
Pick up at 190-203
Skip 204 & 205
Pick at up 206-212
Skip 213 & 214

Main Arc 3: Fake Karakura Town arc
Pick up at 215-225
Skip 226
Skip Zanpakutō: The Alternate Tales Filler Arcs
Pick up at 267-286
Skip 287
Pick up at 288-297
Skip 298-299
Pick up at 300-302
Skip 303-305
Pick up 306-310
Skip 311-341?

Main Arc 4: Substitute Soul Reaper Disappearance
Pick up at 342-354
Skip 355
Pick up at 356

Just the essential anime episodes – no fuss, no muss, no stupid filler. Hooray!

6 Replies to “How to watch Bleach without dying of boredom”

  1. Thanks for this, bro! I’m re-watching Bleach and I didn’t think it would re-awaken the same feelings as I had when I first watched it but it’s just so much better with your guide!

    Thank you very much for this! Love&Peace!

  2. Thx it really helped u even said the arcs names and spaced them good so u can read much better than other websites

        1. Glad it helped and I agree about the Bount arc. I think this is my most popular post ever, though it went dormant for years until the new Bleach came out.

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