There was a war on?

Maybe I should start immersing myself in the blogosphere again, I hadn’t realized the theory bloggers were at odds with each other.  Figuring out who said what for which reason seems to be more trouble than it’s worth, so I’ll just stay content with the vague awareness that there was some kind of spat between the bloggers and commenters of The Valve, The Weblog, and Long Sunday about something or other.

5 Replies to “There was a war on?”

  1. Yeah, I’m in the same position of vague awareness – it makes me feel like a terribly poor ethnographer that I can’t seem to motivate myself to figure out what it’s all about… ;-P

  2. Hey, you’re not the one writing their thesis on blogging. I’m just glad I’m not doing theory bloggers, unravelling all those conversational threads across all those blog posts would be hell.

  3. I’m participating in a few of those cross-theory-blog conversational threads, and I can’t keep track of ’em… The trick, I find, is to decide at the beginning to talk about an associationally-related tangent, rather than getting into the “they said”, “they said” fray… ;-P

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