The results are in

The first month of my project is over. It seems that for the month of August I’ve read 2 books and 61 comic books while watching 8 movies and 6 episodes of different TV shows.

I’d say it’s been a light month for books since I remember at least one week in recent memory where I started and finished three in between Sunday and Saturday. Believe it or not, August has also been below average for me in terms of comic books read. They’re quick and easy to read so you can easily get through a bunch in just an hour, plus they’re bite-sized so you can finish one while boiling an egg or something. I’m not watching as much TV since dramas tend to be my main genre and there aren’t as many of them during the summer. As for movies, I think it’s been pretty normal for me.

Anyway, only time will reveal any larger trends in my habits. Still, I rather like this business of keeping track and may continue past the end of my experiment.

See below if you really want to know exactly what media I consumed.

Books Movies Comic Books TV Shows
2 8 61 6
Red Mars (Kim Stanley Robinson) Warrior Gokuko no Brynhildr 21 Suits s2 e8
Detective (Arthur Hailey) Cabin in the Woods Sket Dance 204 True Blood s5 e10
The Avengers (rewatch) Otogi no Machi no Rena 49 Futurama s8 e9
The Lion in Winter The World God Only Knows 197 Doctor Who s3 e6
Cleanskin Nickelodeon Red (reread) Doctor Who s3 e7
Bedevilled Legion of Super-Villains 1 Futurama s8 e10
A History of Violence (rewatch) X-Factor 241
Premium Rush Avenging Spider-Man 10
Fallen Angel: Return of the Son 3
Fallen Angel: Return of the Son 4
Dark Avengers 178
Seigi no Mikata v2 c6
Seigi no Mikata v2 c7
Seigi no Mikata v2 c8
Seigi no Mikata v2 c9
Seigi no Mikata v2 c10
Godland 32
Godland 33
Godland 34
Godland 35
Godland 36
Courtney Crumrin 3
Courtney Crumrin 4
The Unwritten 38
The Unwritten 39
Btooom! V8 c47
Btooom! V8 c48
Btooom! V8 c49
Gokuko no Brynhildr 22
Sankarea 31
Fairest 6
Saucer Country 6
Scarlet Spider 7
Scarlet Spider 8
Fables 120
I, Vampire 1
I, Vampire 2
I, Vampire 3
I, Vampire 4
I, Vampire 5
I, Vampire 6
I, Vampire 7
I, Vampire 8
I, Vampire 9
I, Vampire 10
I, Vampire 11
Justice League Dark 1
Justice League Dark 2
Justice League Dark 3
Justice League Dark 4
Justice League Dark 5
Justice League Dark 6
Justice League Dark 7
Justice League Dark 8
Justice League Dark 9
Justice League Dark 10
Justice League Dark 11
World’s Finest 3
World’s Finest 4
Demon Knights 12
I, Vampire 12

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