Paul Gilroy on Ali G

I really should stay up to date on my email.  There was an extended discussion of Borat on the Media Anthropology Network’s mailing list last November, and part of what came up was this article by Paul Gilroy analyzing Sacha Baron Cohen’s previous film, Ali G in Da House.  And there was a long discussion of Big Brother that just ended.  Dammit, this was all good stuff.  Okay, I’m definitely going to participate in the new e-seminar about Urban Larssen’s working paper, “Imagining a World of Free Expression in the Making: Romania and Global Media Development.”

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  1. I was totally impressed by the lists open accessable e-seminars I came across via T H Erikson’s page the other night. I ve shied away from the list for can t tell what reasons, but now think I really should apply to get onto it.

  2. I’m impressed at how much time some of the contributors have. I honestly meant to participate in the last seminar but stuff came up. Still, I definitely recommend joining, you get hear all kinds of interesting things.

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