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Hello, my name is Jesse de Leon and I’m new to these parts.  My old blog is over there and it’s about my Master’s research on Filipino bloggers.  Well, it’s kind of morphed into something else, now it’s mostly me holding forth on whatever I feel like.  I got sick of Edublogs and their not fun hosting (ask me if you want to know the boring details) and decided to move here to Anthroblogs.  Thanks again to John Norvell for giving me a new forum for my online musings.

So, I’m a 1.5 generation Filipino immigrant who’s working on his Master’s thesis in social anthropology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  I’m planning on moving my old posts over to Anthroblogs, but that involves Perl and scripting and work, and (1) I suck at programming, (2) I’ve never used Perl before, and (3) I’m trying to finish a chapter of my thesis to include in applications to PhD schools, which all means that I won’t have time to properly set up my new blog anytime this year.  But if anyone is better at Perl than me, who only started learning it 2 days ago, I would dearly love to benefit from your expertise.  I’ve already found 2 scripts on the Internet that will mostly do what I want, which is migrating posts from my old blog to my new one.  Moving comments would also be nice, but moving the posts is essential.  But I’m having trouble figuring out what parameters to set and such, so I need help with that.

Anyway, I thought I’d just start blogging on the new site and worry about all that later.  I’m glad to join Anthroblogs and I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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