¿Dónde está el autor?

Según Barthes, el autor está muerte. But according to me, I’m alive and well and in Guatemala.
So what’s up? Well, I’m taking the opportunity to travel. I’ve already finished two weeks in Nicaragua and am now in Antigua, about to hike up an active volcano in two hours.
Nicaragua was interesting because it felt more like the Philippines than Costa Rica. It was definitely just as hot, I saw grass burned yellow by the sun. It was also poorer than Costa Rica, I saw trash on the side of the highway, and until that point I hadn’t realized that Costa Rica’s roads were missing that particular detail. Nicaragua also apparently receives more international development assistance, since I saw lots of signs about stuff being donated by Japan or Germany or some other country.
Anyway, I can’t seem to put myself into the right mindset for anthropological thinking, so I’ll just leave you all with this update on my whereabouts and bid you adieu for now.

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