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I exist

So I let sarapen.com expire in an extended bout of laziness last November. Then when I tried to get the domain back I discovered some Godaddy squatters had taken it for some reason – it can’t have been for any expectations of profit, there wasn’t enough traffic for that.

Obviously, I have registered sarapen.ca instead. I actually thought of making that my original domain but .com was like three dollars cheaper. Whatever, this is what I’ve got now. I’ve finished importing all of my old posts to this new site so it’s good to go, or rather, it’s good enough. I still need to tweak a few things, especially with the tags but that’s mostly for the back-end.

Enjoy, you anonymous millions.

Wherefore art thou

Fun Elizabethan fact: “wherefore” means “why”. So when Juliet asks, “wherefore art thou Romeo?” she means “Romeo, why are you Romeo?” To explain more clearly, Juliet is asking why her beloved is Romeo, i.e., a member of her family’s sworn enemies. It’s obviously a rhetorical question, since it’s not a question anyone can answer. “Wherefore” thus does not mean “where”, and it is incorrect for someone to use it in that manner. This piece of trivia about Early Modern English is brought to you by my sense of responsibility about not updating in too long.

There’s an explanation behind my absence. To sum up my situation succinctly: I have a new job, it’s got crazy hours, but the pay is pretty damn good. I barely have time for anything else now, though, and my scarce downtime is mostly taken up by decompressing. I’ll still be keeping my hand in, but I won’t be as visible online as I used to be.

That is all. Carry on with your normal routine.